RAW Therapy provides Recreation, Aquatic and Wellness Therapy services for people who have barriers that keep them from fully integrating into community wellness programs safely.

Through a variety of methods and techniques, Recreation Therapists help reduce or eliminate the activity restrictions and increase the overall wellness of the individual. RAW Therapy serves a diverse population including those who suffer from nuerotrauma, chronic pain, geriatrics, PTSD, adults with developmental disabilities and sensory issues.

If you have a new injury, a disability, or simply need to find some fun in your life--RAW Therapy has services that can help.   Caregivers often burnout due the daily demands and stress than come with caring for an individual with special needs, disability or injury. Let  RAW Therapy lend a hand! We provide respite services providing a therapeutic activity or taking your loved one out in the community for an adventure.

Lastly, if your facility is in need of better programming, RAW Therapy can develop a therapeutic program addressing the domains for quality of life:  physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual.  Programming can be designed to meet JCAHO and CARF standards. RAW Therapy can also train your staff to execute the program.