RAW Therapy is the premier aquatic therapy service provider in Metro Detroit area.  Therapists are certified through Aquatic Therapy & Rehabilitation Industry (ATRI) and have extensive training in aquatics interventions to help clients get quick results.   
Due to physical properties of water, people can exercise and move in ways not possible on land where normal functioning is limited by inflammation, pain, guarding, muscle spasm, and limited range of motion (ROM).  RAW Therapy therapists are also trained in-house to specialize working with the client with polytrauma, post trauma, fear of the water and adaptive/inclusive swimming.  
Benefits of Aquatic Therapy
+Improved pulmonary functioning though hydrostatic pressure  
+Increased relaxation through warm water submersion and unwinding techniques
+Increased peripheral circulation through warm water submersion.
+Increased strength and general conditioning through viscosity (resistance) in water.
+Increased body awareness, balance, and trunk stability 
+Improvement of client self esteem and confidence can be established by providing a positive medium in which to function.
+Increased exercise tolerance-participants exercise more frequently and get well quicker!
For more information about our sister community aquatics program S3 Montessori Aquatics go to website

Before & After Pictures