Exercises performed while floating, partially submerged, or fully submerged in water. Aquatic Therapy allows for offloading of the body which allows clients to execute exercises, in the water, they may not be able to do in the water. Other properties unique to Aquatic Therapy include: Bouyancy, Resistance/Viscosity and Hydrostatic pressure.

Aquatic therapy encompasses a broad set of approaches and techniques, including aquatic exercise, physical rehabili​t​ation, aquatic bodywork, and other movement-based therapy in water (hydrokinesiotherapy). ​ For more information, read the article "An Introduction to Aquatic Therapy"

Aquatic therapy can support restoration of function for​: Kids with Special Needs such as physical, developmental, sensory or emotional impairments, Neurological Conditions such as TBI, SCI, Parkinsons, MS, CP, Fibromyalgia, post or poly trauma, Pre & Post Operation, Pre & Post Natal, anxiety/fear, barriers to swimming, Chronic pain, Athletic recovery.